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    rheumRx understands its responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality to its clients. We exercise our business practices with the highest integrity.

    In our experience, the business of medicine presents such a complex and frequently changing challenge today that the amount of time necessary to stay current on tax law, accounting, human resources & employee development, contracting, and so on, dictates that the most prudent course of action would be to turn those responsibilities over to a competent manager.

    Even with the best manager, highly successful practices enlist a cadre of advisors: a billing service, an EMR source, a specialty pharmacy and/or wholesale distributor, a practice consultant, an accountant, a lawyer, an investments advisor, an insurance agent, a web designer, a real estate agent, a physician or nurse recruiter, etc. The problem is, one must figure out how to find each one individually and integrate each into your operations with no guarantee that such advisors understand the unique needs of physicians and of medical practice.

    Where can one go to find such a diffuse slate of advisors, all in one place? rheumRx.

    Use the links below for a list of the services we provide:

    Operational Assessment

    • Overview of Practice Operations
    • Patient Schedule Analysis
    • Patient Flow Analysis
    • Staffing Ratios
    • Ancillary Services

    Human Resources Administration

    • Recruitment and Retention
    • Policy and Procedure Manuals
    • Job Descriptions
    • Wages
    • Employee Benefit Programs
    • Employment Laws

    Financial Management

    • Payer Contracting
    • Bookkeeping
    • Internal Audit and Controls

    Revenue Cycle Management (Billing & Collections Analysis)

    • Billing and Coding
    • Documentation Review and Audit
    • Medicare and Medicaid
    • Managed Care Organizations
    • Resource Based Relative Value Scales
    • Reporting
    • Collections
    • Pay for Performance

    Information Systems

    • Medical Records
    • ePrescribing
    • PQRI
    • Other MIS

    Strategic Planning and Marketing

    • Advertising and Marketing
    • Real Estate

    Legal Considerations and Compliance

    • Malpractice
    • Stark Law and Anti-Self Referral
    • Compliance – HIPPA, OSHA, CLIA, Medicare, Safety and Security


    • Compensation
    • Practice Valuation and Insurance
    • Individual Income Tax
    • Corporate and Business Tax

    Insurance and Financial Planning

    • Retirement
    • Estate and Gift
    • Life Insurance
    • Financial Planning

    New Practice Start-Up

    • Structuring Your Business
    • Business Plan
    • Legal Structures
    • Starting A New Practice (Checklist)
    • Choosing A Location
    • Merger and Integration